Do you want to be sure the best media inventory are sold at optimum price, fast and guaranteed?

We offer you an independent media buying platform where booking and buying processes are automated and optimised from end to end.

Puzzle Platform certified users do online;

  • Advertising booking
  • Visual material (Copy) delivery
  • Price deal
  • Post buy, actualisation

We provide you faster, smarter, safer way with this unique Platform. We call this “Puzzle open marketplace”


Puzzle Platform gives you;

  • Helps you manage the value of your advertising space, online.
  • Pretty easy use of dashboard
  • Rich features and functions satisfy your needs.

You control and manage advertising booking and sales,

  • More efficient
  • More trustworthy
  • More transparent
How you put up your advertising space for sale?
  • Enter Puzzle Platform username and password,
  • Define your advertising space
  • Specify all sales conditions and limits in detail
  • Your advertising space is ready for online sales immediately
How does pricing happen?

Advertising space is presented by;

  • Submitting “Buy it now” price for guaranteed sales
  • Submitting minimum bid price for an “auction” sales

Buyers place their orders; bid or buy real time on the platform. Puzzle Platform algorithms takes you to the most efficient result in your given constraints.

Buyer confidentiality protection

We understand how important the protection of order-bid price confidentiality for you and your advertisers. Each buyer can only reach own data and own deals at Puzzle Platform. Each buyer can only access to own data at Puzzle Platform.

Demand tracking

You may see during yield management at Puzzle Platform;

  • Your inventory stock
  • Your given orders
  • View details about your potential buyers instantly.
Special offers

Puzzle Platform enables you offering additional special deals whenever you want, in defined criteria and period.

Airing status

We immediately show airing status of an order via Puzzle Platform real time feedback system.


Advertising buy at Puzzle Platform are allowed only for,

  • Puzzle certified media agency
  • Advertisers of the media agency that are activated and approved
  • Within your defined term and conditions
  • The orders out of spec will not be put in process
Price determined by the buyer, not by the seller
  • Minimum bid price required to start auction is defined by the media publisher. Media agency decides on the price to buy.
  • Agency can test, if their bid proposal is enough or not whilst placing an order to buy.
  • Agency learns if proposal is enough and if spot is going to be aired or not right after buying process is completed.
  • If price proposal is not enough for airing, bid manually or you can set up “automatic bid” option and define maximum price limit.
  • Automatic bid option operates when you are out of the auction and will place your bids for you. It repeats each time you are out and keeps you at the minimum winning price. When it reaches to the maximum price limit, it stops automatically.
  • Each user can only view own order and deal
Buy it now

If you say “I want to buy guaranteed” “Buy it now” option is designed just for you! “Buy it now” lets you guaranteed purchase without bidding. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button and place your order.

If you don’t have time to bid and if you want to guarantee, “Buy it now” purchase option will deliver you advantage. You can get the most advantageous buy, if you move early and fast.

When does a Sale end?
  • Auction lasts till 2 hours left to the airing at the latest.
  • Countdown clock shows the time to Bid
  • No more placing order is possible when the time is up.
  • Puzzle Platform both shows your status on the system, and sends you a confirmation email if your purchase is placed
Can everyone bid?

Puzzle Platform certified media agencies can place order and bid on behalf of activated advertisers with approved copies

  • Placing orders either with “Buy it now” or Bidding are noncancellable.
  • You should not purchase for “in doubt” orders.
  • No cancellation is very crucial for the platform to operate fairly and do justice.
  • When your proposal is not enough to be placed, platform will offer you 3 other options, “stand in” “buy with Buy it now” “re-bid”. In case of choosing none of them, system will take your order into account as cancelled.
Post buy
  • Your post buy details are reported along with actual budget one work day later.
  • You may track your transaction history day by day on Puzzle Platform.
Is payment done to Puzzle Platform?

No. Puzzle Platform do not buy or own any advertising inventory. Puzzle only provides a platform that media agency and media publisher connect and guarantees booking and price deal. Invoicing and payment are done between media agency or advertiser and media owner.

For all Puzzle certified users, have comprehensive past transaction history reports at your fingertips anytime.
Actual, accurate, consistent data are collected real time and kept safely at Puzzle Platform.
You may reach available report formats real time, easy and fast.


Please send us an email if you want to find out more information about Puzzle.
Email: [email protected]
Turkey : +90 530 156 10 01
US : +1 786 390 80 10

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